Our Faculty

Dr. Fulcher has over 10 years of experience running is own dental practice. At the beginning of his career, he saw how difficult it was for dental assistants to transition from an educational to a clinical setting. With his years of experience in a teaching setting, Dr. Fulcher decided to create the perfect learning environment that would help aspiring dental assistants get the clinical education they needed to be prepared for their career.

What started as a classroom of a dozen students turned into multiple classes, several instructors, and hundreds of graduates with blossoming careers in the dental field. In order to give more people access to this proven curriculum, Dr. Fulcher decided to turn his dental assisting course into an online program.

My Dental Dentistry & Education is a fast-paced, fun learning environment where dental assisting students can take advantage of our flexible schedule, affordable tuition, and a great curriculum that fully prepares them for a career in dental assisting. 

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