Frequently Asked Questions

+ What will I learn in the online course?

Our course covers everything a dental assistant needs to know on a daily basis. You will learn from lecture videos featuring Dr. Fulcher and experienced clinical instructors. Lectures and text book reading assignments focus on anatomy, radiology, dental charting, and laboratory techniques. You will receive training on how to use Dentrix (the nation’s #1 Dental charting software), correct equipment sterilization techniques, room set-up, taking x-rays, and so much more. By having online lectures, you are able to pause, rewind, and even re-watch each course as needed.

+ Why do I need a clinical Externship?

A Clinical Externship will bridge the gap between learning in the classroom and actually working as a dental assistant. You can pick your own dental office for the externship or you can contact us to help you choose an externship site that fits you. Once students begin their clinical hours they can then apply what they learned in the online lectures and start using what you have learned on real patients.

+ Is the Radiation Health & Safety Certification required?

Our course has been designed to prepare students for the required exams. In most states a certification in Radiology is required to be a dental assistant. During this block, we will give you the tools you need to help you pass the standardized tests. All of our courses help to instill confidence in yourself to start your new career. If you have any questions please contact us by calling (480) 750-0017.

+ What happens when I complete my externship?

We have courses that teach you how to write resumes, interview, and overall how to land your job as a dental assistant. We know what dental offices want, and we coach you through the entire process to help you feel confident you have what it takes to be a dental assistant. Many of our students do so well at their externship sites that the externship converts into their first job. We can show you how!

More questions?

Our advisors are here and ready to answer your questions about tuition, the online program, and career options.